The Vuittonet Ranch (TVR) was founded in 1966 by Juan Vuittonet. His great-grandfather, Felix Alphonse Vuittonet, immigrated from Algeria, Africa, as a French Colonolizer settler from France in 1857. 
He came through Ellis Island to Louisiana, near the Gulf of Mexico, and later moved to Brownsville, Texas, in 1863. 
Felix purchased a bicycle in San Antonio and a couple in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the early 1870s.
Mr. Muhl built and sold velocipedes, an early form of two-wheeled "machines," in San Antonio.
Felix sold the "bicycles" in his Mercantile business on Elizebeth Street and crafted his parts or salvaged parts from junked bicycles until the turn of the 20th century.
Alfred, Felix's son, born in 1876, grew up around the general store and the sales and repair of bicycles sold at the store.
As time progressed, Alfred had several sons who temporarily worked around the store at an early age. One of Alfred's sons, Juan Sr., was an apprentice to his grandfather's craft, for Alfred had died by 1897. 
Incidentally, Felix A. Vuittonet died in 1903 and left his son under the care of his sister.
Juan Sr., at age 10, left home and moved to San Antonito Ranch, near Harlingen, Texas, in 1904 to work as a farm hand and, using his generational craft, to become the go-to guy in bike repair and occasional sales or trades.
Juan Sr., in 1920, had a son at the "Ranch," who learned the craft and, by 1929, had become the go-to guy for any bicycle that crossed his path.
Eddie Vuittonet, Juan's son, continued the generational bicycle legacy by opening his first bicycle shop in 1997 in Raymondville, Texas.
Eddie Dad's passion for farming, ranching, and bicycles turned into a lifelong pursuit that left a lasting legacy in the Cameron and Willacy County communities.
Eddie returned to the Vuittonet Ranch in 2009 after closing his bike shop when his 90-year-old dad retired. 
The Vuittonet Ranch is still 100% family-owned and operated, and all current owners are active employees at "The Vuittonet Ranch."
Eddie Vuittonet, the founder's son, established The Vuittonet Bike Ranch in 2009, fondly named "The Vuittonet Bike Ranch" due to the family's vintage bicycle history. 
Today, the TVR division has over 100 vintage, new, refurbished, restored, and customized bicycles in its "old style" polyurethane showroom, which is garnished with vintage tin signs and other collectibles from the past.
The facility also houses an old, vintage toy store.
The Vuittonet Ranch is currently a Macargi, Husky, HJC, Reid, Strider, Summit, and other name-brand authorized sales and repair Dealer.
The Vuittonet Bicycle Ranch division sells to the public and opens on Weekdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm. On Sundays, TVR opens at 10 am and closes at noon.
The Vuittonet Ranch bicycle division also sells bicycle parts for the do-it-yourselfer or bike show enthusiasts.
As a TVR wholesale dealer, it offers discounts on all parts so bike shop owners can keep their inventory fully stocked without breaking the bank or meeting all the difficult criteria other bicycle parts distributors set forth.
We source only the best parts, ensuring that your bike shop, or as part of our elite customer component, can access the highest quality products on the market by what we stock or that we can order for you.
But that's not all – TVR dealers receive a 20% wholesale discount on all vintage, refurbished bicycles. Imagine offering your customers the charm of a vintage bike, fully restored to its former glory, at a fraction of the cost. These unique bicycles will fly off your shelves and set your business apart.
At Vuittonet Bike Ranch, we understand the importance of providing value to our dealers. That's why we work tirelessly to negotiate the best prices and pass those savings on to you. 
With our wholesale discounts, you can increase your profit margin while offering your customers top-notch products.
Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to elevate your business and drive sales. 
Join the Vuittonet Bike Ranch family today and watch your profits soar! 
Contact us now to learn more about our TVR wholesale discounts and start saving on high-quality bicycle parts and refurbished bicycles.
We are open to the general public and invite all to come by and "adopt" a bicycle today or bring your bicycle for service or repair.
If you need additional details, please call 956-410-1555 between 8 am and 5 pm or text us at 956-742-1250.
You can also contact us by email at or visit our website at